We provide fast, safe and reliable trucking services for an end to end solution – from planning and delivery, and everything in between.


Full Truck Load

It takes a lot of time making multiple phone calls to carriers, searching for the right equipment, finding drivers in the right place at the right time, and ensuring your selected trucker has the proper operating documents and safety ratings – not to mention finding a fair, affordable price.

Less Truck Load

In today’s challenge of transporting smaller loads, JAS Intermodal Logistics Inc., is finding ways to help expedite such cargo.
Less than truckload shipping is the ideal solution for shippers
with too much cargo but not enough to warrant
a full truckload capacity.

Containerized Truck Load

Moving containerized cargo is now easy with JAS Intermodal Logistics Inc. Our company has wholly owned trucking fleet which are all in excellent running condition, road worthy, and properly maintained by our professional team.